Classy Grunge Hair and Makeup

Had the opportunity working with a talented photographer – Jowee Gabiran She wanted to have a Miranda Kerr-ish makeup for her model, Christine ES That immediately had my interest perked up! Photos without the NS logo were taken by Jowee. Jowee, along with Christine and Ryan, was fun to work with! By the way, Christine was acidic so one of the challenges during this shoot was having the right tone that would be absorbed by her skin. I used RCMA, two tones lighter than her actual skin tone since foundation usually gets darker when absorbed by acidic skin. Visit Jowee’s blog:


Christine had acne scars but with the right concealer and foundation, I was able to reduce its visibility.

Miranda Kerr MakeupDSC_0747DSC_0752DSC_0762DSC_0774Miranda Kerr Makeup904534_4781978589525_300341835_o902360_4781977509498_1468108650_o


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